Our Goals

Long-term plans of the Afghan Arya Hospital:

  • Presenting preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic health services to achieve ideal satisfaction of the patients.
  • Following the Islamic culture for providing ideal services.
  • Utilizing modern health techniques and innovations.
  • Providing effective communication and interaction with the science and research centers across the globe.
  • The establishment of a strong and comprehensive information and communication systems
  • The observance of national and international standards.
  • Providing ease of accessibility to the health services.
  • The establishment of training systems for the staff and patients according to their needs.
  • Strengthen internal commitments and external respects.
  • Create an open culture, willing to share new management and therapeutic methods with other medical centers, making mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Utilizing suitable structure, modern technology, and latest treatment methods to provide better diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Dispatching the health service team to the society.

Short-term plans of the Afghan Arya Hospital:

  • Good understanding of the views and expectations of patients as much as possible.
  • Benefiting from a favorable, behaviorally and emotionally comfortable environment.
  • establishing minimum waiting time between admission, physical examination, diagnostic examinations and minimizing errors.
  • Reduce the cost of treatment.
  • Continuous improvement of service delivery parameters using appropriate standards and conducting qualitative and quantitative studies.
  • online access to adequate resources and effective techniques.
  • Providing appropriate donation services in disasters and social crises.
  • Expanding the helping lines for clients.
  • Attracting the satisfaction of patients on waiting time, leading to better health services.
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