Quality Improvement

This section was activated in early 2013, under the management of the presidency of the hospital, in order to implement improvement of the health service provided by the hospital.

  • Arranging the strategic program of the hospital, under management of the board members.
  • Arranging the annual operational programs, following, and synchronizing the Quality Improvement programs and patient’s health improvements.
  • Arrangement of hospital’s Quality Improvement regarding professional and non-professional (including management, financial, medical, nursing, general, and para-clinical services).
  • Arrangement and coordination of Quality Improvement activities in the hospital.
  • Organizing the systems and business affairs of the hospital according to the Quality Improvement regulations.
  • Preparing annual reports of the hospital’s improvement.
  • Supervising the process, methods and defining the direction of the hospital
  • Following, synchronizing, and implementing the standards over different departments of the hospital.
  • Creating the medical and non-medical fault reporting system in the hospital.
  • Coordination and integration of the Quality Improvement all over the hospital.
  • Supervision of the system over the organization and execution of the directives made by other committees.
  • Following the referential items provided by the unit of Quality Improvement.
  • Evaluating and analyzing existing condition and proposing scientific and practical solution for the improvement of the system.
  • Gathering information related to the necessities of the hospital, regarding structure, accessories, equipment, reconstruction, and providing related reports for concerned responsible.
  • Cooperation regarding the internal monitoring and control of the hospital regarding the achievements of higher standards.
  • Providing the controlling report and following it up, regarding the achievements of higher standards.
  • Designing, initiating, and organizing monthly meetings regarding Quality Improvements.
  • Performing all the tasks as directed by the superior authorities.