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This department with six personnel (including a resident doctor, three nurses, an anesthesiologist, and a servant), consists of six beds, each with its own monitor, central system, ventilator, central O2, pressure relieving mattress, infusion pump, portable radiology device, emergency trolley, and central suction.


This field studies the behavioral problems and proposes prevention and treatment. With 10 beds, the Psychiatry department of this hospital consults, studies, diagnoses, and treats patients (children, youth, and elders) who are suffering from depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and other mental disorders.

Brain Surgery

This department, with 10 beds, provides services for patients suffering from trauma (caused by falling from highs, accidents, etc.), brain tumors, spinal disc, and birth abnormalities who need surgery. By the grace of God and our experienced surgeon team, we have been able to successfully perform the most complex brain surgeries.

Our Team

Faiz Ahmad Qazizada

Faiz Ahmad Qazizada

Founder & CEO

He graduated from Medical faculty of Herat University in 2007, completed his specialty in Orthopedics Traumatology in 2013. Currently, he is founder, president, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Afghan Arya Hospital. Furthermore he is the president of Teb Andishan production company.

Mohammad Jan Shafiq

Mohammad Jan Shafiq

General Surgeon

After graduation from Medical faculty of Herat University in 1979, he completed his specialty in Jomhuriyat and 400-bed hospitals in Kabul, in 1983. He then got specialty in laparoscopic surgery in Germany, 2011, and in Italy, 2013. He is also a cadre member of Medical faculty at Herat University.

Abdul Ali Najm

Abdul Ali Najm


Graduated from Medical faculty of Herat University in year 2000. He has completed his specialties in; neurosurgery in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, in 2008, Neonatal anomaly of neural surgery in Sheykh Hospital Mashhad, in 2011, vascular neurosurgery in Poland, in 2015.

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A word from our CEO

This is Allah’s grace that we have are honored to host our people at this therapeutic center. We are working hard to achieve our goals which are not but continuing to provide health services with great quality, while behaving in an Islamic and humanitarian way. Following the regulations of the hospital, considering the Medical ethics, considering patient right, and improving qualities of health services, are our top priority at this therapeutic center.
Faiz Ahmad Qazizada